1. When Is An Internal Investigation Not Privileged?

  2. Foreign Judgment in Criminal Fraud Action Enforceable in New York

  3. The Effect of Egypt's Broken Justice System on INTERPOL

  4. SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure Requirements Ruled Unconstitutional

  5. US China Trade War Developments - Trade, IP, Antitrust and Securities

  6. GM Recall — Bad Switches, Bad Relations, Bad Acts

    Pretty damning.

  7. 16 April 2014

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    Hot Reads in Cybersecurity



    Once more into the (data) breach - here’s a quick look at the most popular cybersecurity-focused updates on JD Supra during the first half of April. Heartbleed on the list, of course, but that’s not all that matters right now. See for yourself:

    1. The Heartbleed Lesson for All Companies? Manage the Risk…
    2. Court Sides with FTC on Sweeping Data Security Role
    3. Stop Phoning It in on Mobile Security: What Your Business Needs to Know About the FTC’s Settlements with Fandango and Credit Karma
    4. The SEC Cybersecurity Roundtable: Indicator of Things to Come?
    5. Court Rejects Wyndham’s Challenge to FTC’s Data-Security Enforcement Authority
    6. EU – International data transfers from processors to processors made easier, good news for cloud providers and outsourcers
    7. You’re Not Immune: Hackers Target Health Care Providers Of All Shapes & Sizes
    8. You’re Not Immune: Hackers Target Health Care Providers Of All Shapes & Sizes
    9. Trade Secrets? Tips For Keeping Data Safe
    10. SEC Hosts Roundtable on Cybersecurity Issues and Challenges
    11. European Parliament Adopts Compromise Amendments on Data Protection Regulation
    12. NIST Releases Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework
    13. Cybersecurity Disclosure Heats Up

    And three more because that’s how much we love you:

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  8. Appeals Court Opinion Changes Conflict Minerals Rules Compliance Landscape

  9. Implications of U.S. Sanctions Program on Intellectual Property Owners

  10. The SEC’s Whistleblower Program: 2013 Results and What to Expect in 2014

  11. 15 April 2014

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    Legal Perspectives on Heartbleed



    And by that title, no, we don’t mean legal analysis of the occasional heartache that comes with being in love. We wish you the very best with that.

    What we mean, of course, is:

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  12. Will Heartbleed Affect Data Breach Insurance Coverage?

  13. Senator Grassley Urges IRS to Strengthen Whistleblower Program

  14. Overview of Primary Provisions of U.S. and French Sunshine Reporting Requirements

  15. The Benefits of Using Short Form Compliance Training