1. As you work to protect your IP internationally, don’t ignore matters of compliance; the FCPA has far-reaching implications, as this video makes clear. Watch…

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  2. The combination of those statutory provisions with the increased funding and the overall scrutiny by Congress and the public on the cost of healthcare have all contributed to an increase in enforcement activity both on the criminal side and on the civil False Claims Act side.

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  11. The nature of the changes to Florida’s existing breach notification law is substantial, and FIPA places a heavy compliance burden on entities investigating and responding to a data security incident involving electronic personal information of Florida residents….

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  12. Overall CFOs were more likely than others to justify changing assumptions regarding valuations and reserves; general counsels were most likely to justify backdating a contract to meet financial targets; and sales and marketing executives were most likely to introduce more flexible return policies to meet financial targets…

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  13. The KBR decision has important implications for any business entity, including those in the health care industry, which is highly regulated, is expected to monitor its regulatory compliance continuously, and often faces mandatory reporting requirements in the event of non-compliance…

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